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Our Network

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MSIN is currently partnering with multiple sites across the country including private practice, community health, and academic practice.


SEQSTER Operating System has one goal in mind - make it quick and easy for anyone to have real-time access to their health data.

SEQSTER is the leading healthcare technology company that breaks down health data silos at scale. Its enterprise operating system aggregates disparate health data sources into a single, 360-degree view of a patient in real-time, solving a multitude of challenges for life sciences, patient engagement and data interoperability.


SEQSTER has nationwide coverage of EHRs from hospitals and medical groups, genomic DNA, wearables, pharmacy and social determinants of health data. Through its customizable white-label approach, SEQSTER provides accelerated access to de-identified, tokenized, real-time data and comprehensive curated data to address critical needs across the healthcare continuum.


SEQSTER is privately held and headquartered in San Diego.


MSIN is made possible through multitudes of community partners who share our focus in equity and patient-driven care.

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